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31 Jan


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Gabriel turned two this month.  I think I’m still in shock.  He has grown so much and become such a little man.  He has a lot to say, a lot to do, and a lot of sass… Hmmm… where did that come from?  He runs with a spring in his step and he loves to learn new things.  He enjoys helping with any project especially if it involves cooking or tools.  But enough words… on with the pictures! 


January 2011

thats snow   We had snow! 

sweet sleep   And passed out.

ticketsG likes to ride choo choos with friends,

drawing draw,

putting together tricycle work on things with Dad,

blocksbuild things with blocks,

and of course,

cupcake smile have cake!

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19 Jul

Bubbles, Books and Beans!

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chicka chicka boom boom

 beans r good

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19 Jul

Happy 1.5 Little Man!

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I just can’t believe it.  G is 1.5 today.  How did this happen so quickly? 

It seems like Gabriel is changing every day right now.  Just a little over a month ago he took his first steps and now he’s choosing walking as his main mode of getting around.  He has amazing motor skills.  He can put a straw back in his juice box with ease, which is a good thing because he loves to play with that straw.  He is obsessed with bubbles… I mean OBSESSED!  Steven taught him how to blow a bubble and it’s just the cutest thing ever.  BTW – It’s really hard to take a picture of bubbles.  Gabriel also likes his swing.


Gabriel’s new favorite word is bye bye accompanied with a wave and a kiss.  Yesterday, he put a bucket on his head like a hat, walked over to Steven, gave him a kiss, said bye bye and walked towards the garage door like he was going somewhere.  Not sure where, but he was off! 

bucket head

We’re having so much fun, getting worn out completely by the end of the day, and enjoying the heck out of our little man.

Happy 1.5 Gabriel!

what surgery

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03 Jul

4th of July reflection

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It’s so much fun to see how things have changed since last year.  Here’s a side by side comparison of G and his buddy Roman last year and this year… Who’s the bully now?


grump 1 grump 2

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03 Jul

Happy 4th of July!

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30 May

New Table and Chairs

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Gabriel is becoming such a big boy.  We braved Ikea on a Saturday afternoon and bought him is very own table and chairs.  He’s so excited!

new table and chairs

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18 Apr

Action Packed Weekend

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What better way to celebrate spring than to spend the weekend outside?

Saturday we got dressed up in our spring duds and went to a wedding reception for some old friends.  We’re so happy for them.  They’re great together.  Here’s a photo of G and me:

g and mom at carters

Then today we went to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.  G had a great time at the Dog Frisbee Exhibition.  He was clapping and cheering on the dogs and bobbing his head to the music.  It’s be coming more apparent each day that we will eventually “have” to get a dog.  Darn… hee hee.


dad and g at dogwook

We got some new toys at the festival.  They’re a huge hit.


new trucks 2

And we learned about piggy banks.

g first piggy bank 

We hope you all are enjoying spring as much as we are.

Take care.

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04 Apr

Happy Easter!

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Hope you and yours have a fabulous Easter. 


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03 Apr

A Day in the Life of a Rascal Named G

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trouble 2trouble trouble 3 trouble 4 trouble 6 trouble 7 trouble 8 trouble 9 trouble 10

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28 Mar

March Madness… birthdays that is

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In our household, March means party party party.  Seems a lot of our friends and family are Pisces and Aries.  Heck, Gabriel was supposed to be a Pisces, but he decided he wanted to come early.  Here are a few fun photos of the past month’s festivities we’ve recorded.  G is quite the party animal.


swing   scooter

gabriels new hat

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